A columbarium is an ancient sepulcher with recesses for urns containing the ashes of the dead (derived from the Latin, “Columba,” meaning pigeon or dove). There are many examples of ancient columbaria throughout all of Europe, but there are also many examples of contemporary columbaria scattered across the DFW metroplex.

We are delighted that the Jud Cramer Ascension Garden at Arborlawn offers a space where members of our community, can find their final resting place in the midst of the same space that for a season or a lifetime, they called, “Home.”

Eligibility for Inurnment

Only members or former members of Arborlawn United Methodist Church, ordained Methodist Ministers, employees and former employees of Arborlawn, and spouses, parents, children and grandchildren of the above-stated persons are eligible for inurnment in the Columbarium in the Jud Cramer Ascension Garden .

Niche Purchase

There are two options for purchasing a niche in the Columbarium: 

  1. The niche price of $3500 can be paid in lump sum (cash, check, credit or debit card) or can be paid by installment. 

  2. The installment plan operates as follows: 

  • Down payment of $350 

  • Applicant will sign a document agreeing to interest-free payments of $150 per month (Alternatively, $450 per quarter) until the $3500 is paid in full. Both down payment and subsequent payments are nonrefundable. 

  • If payment is 45 days late, applicant will be contacted and allowed an additional 45 days to pay

  • Lack of payment at this time (or decision that niche is no longer wanted and payments have been stopped) triggers loss of all payments to date.

  • Down payment made secures a spot in the JCAG but does not allow ownership and choice of location until the final payment is made. 

  • Payment by bank draft (preferred) or credit/debit card is acceptable

  • Except for down payment, all other payments will be returned to applicant if there are no available niches at time of payment completion. 

Once purchased, the ownership of the niche is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Each niche can hold the remains of one or two persons.

To initiate a niche purchase, please contact Sherry Roth (sherry@arborlawnumc.org) in the church office.

Legal Document: Columbarium Rules and Regulations