Middle School – 6th -7th

We believe scripture should be used to build a foundation to a student’s faith. Every other year we switch off teaching Old Testament and New Testament bible stories. We hope that by looking at these bible stories in depth we are able to see a bigger picture of God’s story written throughout scripture.

Middle School – 8th

Once a month during the Sunday School hour we teach Confirmation. On the surrounding weeks we ask foundational questions such as – Is the Bible True? If Jesus was God, why did he have to die? Is Jesus the only way to get to heaven? We want this place to be a safe place for our students to ask questions and end the class being confident in their walk with Jesus. Click here to learn more.

High School – 9th – 12th

During the Senior High Sunday School class there is a change from head knowledge to heart movement. This process follows Matthew 4:19 in that we first need to follow Jesus and then be willing to be made new by Him. After building a foundation in Middle School, we discuss what we call “Table Topics”. Students will receive an introduction to the topic and then we encourage students to discuss the topic by looking at a passage in scripture and looking over their table questions.