The story of Arborlawn...

is about a remarkable congregation that has chosen to defy conventional wisdom and embrace God’s vision for a new future. It’s a church characterized by a deep and profound belief that with God all things are possible.


In this grand journey we’re continually learning and discovering invaluable lessons about what it means to step out in faith; to give ourselves away in love and service to others; to learn and grow together; to become the people and the church God created us to be; and to reach out into the community and the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Arborlawn is in the process of building for the future in order to help build the Kingdom. In short, we’re an unconventional church who discovered a valuable and unforgettable lesson along the way. The choice to do things differently often leads to wonderful and unexpected surprises. It’s now inside of us, with us and a permanent part of us. It’s in our DNA. This all means the next time we’re faced with a choice between listening to conventional wisdom or following God’s call, we’ll know what to do.