Giving is an act of worship. Generosity is one of the essential ways in which God works to change lives; transform communities and renew the church. The need is real; the cause is worthy. There are multiple ways in which to give including online options. Online giving is not only convenient and easy; it incorporates faith and generosity into the very fabric of our daily lives.



Like with all credit transactions we make on an everyday basis, there is a minimal fee per gift incurred by Arborlawn, with the fee per each e-check being a quarter of what it is for credit/debit cards. However, these fees are minimal, and we believe the benefits of a more regular cash flow through online giving more than make up for this expense.

**Arborlawn Connect Users

Users of Arborlawn Connect are able to pledge and give online through their Arborlawn Connect account. Simply click on the “Giving” tab in Arborlawn Connect and set up one-time or regular payments.