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If you, your families, or friends have experienced the loneliness of loss in its various forms, Hope for the Holidays is a comforting interdenominational worship service, designed within an atmosphere of faith and hope. Join us on Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary and connect with other grieving persons for this incredible night of worship.

There will be beautiful music, a message of inspiration and an opportunity to lay a token / emblem of your loss (picture, flower or letter) on the altar, remembering the hope we have in a loving God. Flowers will be provided for those needing a token.

If you or someone you know is dreading the holiday season, please invite them, offer to pick them up, sit with them as they enjoy the beauty of this worship service.

Hope for the Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the service? 

About 1½ hours.

Will there be any kind of altar call or invitation to join the church?


Is admission charged or an offering taken? 

No. Hope for the Holidays is Arborlawn’s gift to the community. 

Will there be transportation and/or child care?

Yes, these services are available for those who make arrangements with the church (817 731-0701) in early November.

Is the service appropriate for children? 
What ages?

Yes, Grief is a family affair. But most children younger than 7 have difficulty sitting still. If they have attended a funeral, they will have an idea of the solemnity of the evening. There will be flowers for the children to place on the altar in memory of the person who died.  Children may want to place tokens on the altar.

I’m wondering if I should have come or not.

This is normal. Some individuals may be more comfortable sitting in the balcony, the chapel, or the downstairs cry room.

How soon after a loss is too soon to attend?

Usually less than a month is probably too soon. But we have had those attend with losses in less time.

Is there a lot of crying?  “I don’t mourn in public.”

It is not uncommon to hear sniffling, but that’s about it. If you’ve lost someone, tears are one of the best tools for healing. But, the service ALWAYS ends in inspiration and the focus of HOPE. There is always a moment of laughter during the evening.

How can participants learn more about the grief process?

A variety of grief information will be available.

For more information about Hope for the Holidays please contact the church office, 817-731-0701.