What is a Disciple of Jesus?

Put simply: a disciple of Jesus is one who follows Jesus. 

At Arborlawn UMC our mission is to make fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ. The work of discipleship influences everything we do, everything we are, and everything we strive to become as a people who follow Jesus. We think disciples of Jesus are people who Meet God, Connect with People, and Live Missionally, as they answer the call of Jesus in the Gospels.
Discipleship matters because it is as disciples of Jesus that the world is transformed and God’s kingdom comes near to us.  

There are a multitude of ways in which to engage in the work of discipleship. These are a few of our suggestions: 


Engage Scripture

Practice a daily devotion

Develop intentional prayer practices


Participate in a Small Group

Participate in regular corporate worship

Share your story of faith with others

Live Missionally

Practice faith through serving others

Give generously

Know the names and stories of the people who live around you

If you are looking to grow in your own discipleship, and would like to join a small group or Sunday School class, find a short term study, or have questions about the many opportunities to Meet God, Connect with People, and Live Missionally at Arborlawn, please contact our Discipleship Coordinator, Abby Johnson (abby@arborlawnumc.org).

curriculum Resources

Looking for a books or curriculum for yourself or a group study? Check out our Curriculum Resource page for available options. We have many online options as well as a physical library located in Abby Johnson's office. Please feel free to visit the Library during business hours. 

If you are interested in making suggestions of materials to add, please email Abby Johnson at abby@arborlawnumc.org.