Arborlawn Columbarium - Plan View.jpg

What is the Ascension Garden?

The Ascension Garden at Arborlawn will be a beautiful and sacred space for prayer and meditation, small services of worship, and remembering the saints—God’s beloved who have called this place, “Home.”

This new space will be built between the Elizabeth Cramer Chapel and the Arborlawn Sanctuary, and will include a columbarium and prayer labyrinth space with memorial benches, a memorial wall, a reflection garden, and water sculptures in the front and back.

When will construction of the Ascension Garden begin?

The Ascension Garden Project was officially approved at a church conference on August 27. Construction of the project will begin soon, with completion of the project expected to be in early 2018.

How can I make a memorial contribution to the Ascension Garden or make a niche purchase?

If you are interested in contributing to this project by purchasing a niche, memorial plaque, or dedicating one of the Ascension Garden’s beautiful features in memory or in honor of a loved one, please contact Robert Warden (, Stan Thomas (, or Robert Keller ( for more information.